The Wildride baby carrier has a unique model which is legally protected by the Office for Intellectual Property of the European Union No: 015010565-0001 It is forbidden to copy Wildride or to release a similar model.



To guarantee that the Wildride baby carrier meets the set guidelines in the field of safety and reliability, it falls under the certification standard NPR-CEN/TR 16512. This demonstrates that the Wildride baby carrier meets the strictest
requirements for both textile and ergonomic baby carriers .


Wildride only works with certified partners. Wildride only processes the best materials to ensure safety and quality. The production and fabric quality are produced in accordance with international certification standards such as BSCI, Oeko Tex, Sedex and GOTS.

Our producers are ISO9001 certified, the Wildride is 100% Dutch Design and is produced in the Netherlands and Poland. An absolute minimum of plastic is used in the packaging to consumers.

Articles are not individually wrapped in plastic and no useless packaging material is used, such as tissue paper, etc.