Would you like to go out in style without a stroller or baby carriage? Discover the comfort of a Wildride printed baby carrier. This trendy baby carrier offers ergonomic carrying comfort and is an excellent alternative to the stroller. This baby carrier is ideal for taking your little one to places you can't reach with the stroller. Thanks to its trendy designs, this hip carrier with print is easy to combine with your other baby essentials. Go for a leopard print baby carrier or opt for one with zebra print?

Discover an animal print baby carrier at Wildride

A trip to a museum, a day out on the beach, or a boat trip to an island during summer vacation. There are many different situations in which taking a stroller with you is not or barely possible. The Wildride baby carrier is therefore a perfect alternative. Unlike the baby carriage, you can take the baby carrier anywhere. Moreover, the hip carrier is lightweight and folds easily. Ideal to take with you in the car, in your pannier or on the train. What's another plus is that the hip carrier offers ergonomic comfort, preventing back pain while lifting your toddler. The Wildride is a carrier specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers weighing 8-20 pounds. To go out in style with your little one, choose a printed baby carrier.

Baby carrier in different prints

Of course, there is nothing like feeling good and comfortable when you are out and about with your little one. So embrace your own style and choose the printed baby carrier that suits you and your little one. The Wildride is available in different prints and materials for a perfect match with your personal style. Be inspired by the trendiest carriers such as a leopard print baby carrier. Or go for a baby carrier with an iconic zebra design for a touch of safari style! A perfect essential for your upcoming road trip through Spain. Curious about baby carriers in different materials? Then check out our baby carriers made from sustainable materials. In the hot summer months, our Waffles patterned baby carriers are an excellent choice. The lightweight material is breathable, keeping you and your toddler fresh and comfortable during a summer walk. In the colder winter months, our Velvet baby carriers are perfect. The soft velvet fabric offers extra warmth and comes in warm colors. Prefer a basic style? Then take a look at our Evergreens, in beautiful, primary colors.                      

Order your leopard print carrier at Wildride

Will you choose for a leopard print carrier or do you prefer a plain one? Whether you are looking for a hip carrier for your baby or prefer a child carrier for your growing toddler, at Wildride you will find the printed baby carrier for every type of parent. You will receive your order within 1-2 business days. Do you have questions about our toddler carriers? Feel free to contact us. The team at Wildride is happy to help.