Where it all started

At Wildride, we love to spend quality time outdoors with our children and we encourage everyone to do the same. We noticed that our kids love to venture out and explore on their own, but sometimes require a little extra support before they can continue on their journey.

What we learned

As we played on the beach, strolled through the forests or enjoyed quality time during our day to day lives, we realised that providing a safe and comfortable way for your child to rest during their adventures is essential, but we were surprised to find that there were few options available for toddlers to do so. While many carriers are designed for babies, none cater to the needs of adventurous toddlers who want to run, play, and explore but need a short break while being carried from time to time.

What we came up with!

Every parent also knows that carrying your child is fun for 5 minutes, but then becomes very heavy. So this product is not just designed for your child, but also for you! 

That’s why we created Wildride, a unique child carrier that allows you to keep your little one close while you go on all your adventures together. 

The Wildride!

Our carrier is specially designed to be simple, lightweight, and compact so you can put it on in no time and take it with you anywhere. It’s practical and a must have for every parent.

We want to encourage parents to spend quality time with their children; creating lasting memories in the great outdoors. Let us help you enjoy these precious moments with ease and style. 

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