The toddler swing carrier


The toddler swing carrier


The toddler swing carrier


Wildride toddler carrier

Often struggle with the practicalities of a stroller when walking across bumpy terrain, a sandy beach or even up and down stairs?

Then consider the convenience of a Wildride toddler carrier - the ultimate successor to the iconic front carrier. Unlike the baby carriage, you can take the hip carrier anywhere. Simply fold the hip carrier for your toddler and take it with.

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The benefits of a toddler hip carrier

The practical comfort of a hip carrier makes every parent's life a lot easier and is ideal for taking your little one places you can't reach easily with a stroller.

The Wildride carriers benefit from ergonomic carrying comfort too, which ensures better posture when carrying your child and allows your little one to be able to look around while you too can move freely.

They’re also lightweight and perfect for easily packing away when traveling.
Ideal if you are walking towards the gate or taking a walk on the beach at your
vacation destination.


Dutch Sustainable Design

The Wildride toddler hip carrier is 100% Dutch designed and produced in Europe using as little plastics as possible. 

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